This episode focuses on the topic of Ending Stories on TTRPGs and How Stories End.

Our Guest this Week is Hamilton from Dragons Duel who is here to talk with us about how he thinks Stories in TTRPGs differ from other Media.

We talk about what we can Adapt from Media for TTRPGs, What makes a Good Ending to a Campaign or Story, and also what Endings we already had in the past and what we plan to do in the future. We discuss how Endings come to be and what Endings can be if used right.

Hamilton is the DM of Dragons Duel, the D&D Gameshow where you play 6 Rounds vaguely related to the 6 Ability Scores. We appreciate so much that Hamilton took the Time to talk with us since this Week was also the Season Finale of Dragons Duel Season 1. Season 2 will start in June and maybe even Nils and Emil will be on the Show.

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