This episode focuses on the topic of Designing a TTRPG Setting Book. Specifically the DnD 5e Setting Book, BEOWULF Age of Heroes from Handiwork Games.

Jon Hodgson one of the Writers and the Owner of Handiwork Games talks about the challenges of designing such a Book, What the Creative Process looks like, and his best advice for people looking to do the same. He talks about the Importance of Passion for a Project and how important it is to do something accomplishable.

Jon has worked a lot in the TTRPG Industry, for example, he was an Artist on the Adventures in Middle Earth by Cubicle 7 and also the Writer on the Loremasters Guide to the Adventures on Middle Earth Setting.

He talks about his Past Experiences in TTRPG Design and What BEOWULF is all about.

BEOWULF Age of Heroes is a 5e Setting inspired by the BEOWULF Saga, adapted for DnD 5e Duet Play (meaning 1 GM and 1 Player) diving deep into the Beowulf Mythos of besting Epic Monsters and Saving the Lands. The Book includes interesting Mechanics and Additions to DnD 5e, like the Hero Class which is adapted to make Duet Play in DnD work, or the Followers which are NPCs that work with the Hero to best Monsters and other Problems. 

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