This week we got another incredible guest with us FG, the Server Owner of DnD World. Which is the biggest West Marches Text-based Discord server of the World 

This Episode we talk with FG about the Experiences of running such a Big DnD Community, what Challenges she and her team faced, and what happens behind the scenes. We also talk alot about the West Marches Playstyle of DnD and its Key Differences to “Traditional” DnD. What can one adapt from the West marches Style for their own Playstyle? What makes West Marches what it is? We also talk about Text-based Play and how its Advantages and Disadvantages Shape the World and Feel of Play. 

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Twitter/Insta: @doubledmpod

DnD Social Medias:

Twitter: @dndworldtweets

FG will also be heard on the Star Wars Campaign on the Check D’s Out Podcast Channel: 

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